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Nomads build roads

Mudug community  embarked on an audacious project to connect Galdogob, Galkayo to Gara’ad that consist of 320 KM from Ethiopia border to the Indian Ocean. This is a community grassroots level effort  and has so far caused local and state government to take notice of community self-help development effort. This is a community development at its best. Somali is byword for a failed state and all things that is ill if you believe all see in the media today.

Wan bixi, aan wadada dhisnee – Governer Tigey

The Governer of Mudug was so impressed with this community effort that he coined a term “Wan bixi, aan wadada dhisnee”  which loosely translates to “give a ram so we can build te road.” This motto has been adopted by the Wadaagsin Road Project committee. In this part of the world majority of community are nomads and their wealth is their livestock. Today it takes almost 2 days to drive from Galkayo, Mudug capital to Gara’ad at the indian Ocean a mere 250 KM.

The community understands the importance to fix this old caravan route to a road to deliver service to the community. Community elders are committed not just to level the road with sand and gravel but build a tarmac/asphalt road. At recent press release a clarion call was made by all Mudug titled tribal elders to all good will people and organization to contribute  to this noble effort.