About Us

Wadaagsin is a road project the will link Galdogob, Galkacyo and Gara’ad. The Somali heartland will finally be linked to the Indian Ocean. Wadaagsin in Somali means “pooling resources for the common good”.

The road will consist of 320 Kilometers from Galdogob, Galkacyo and Gara’ad. . Initially the Wadaagsin community in Jarriban district first started organizing themselves in the year 2000, to raise funds from the community members and their kinships abroad for the rehabilitation of the road between the town of Jarriban and the coastal town of Garacad. In this regard the community rehabilitated 60 KM of road. This community was a catalyst and now the scope of the Wadaagsin Road has been extended to cover Somali border to Ethiopia to the Indian ocean. Wadaagsin will be one of the longest feeder roads in Puntland, Somalia. It will extend well over 320 KM, connecting the towns of Galdogob, Galkayo and in Mudug and Eyl in Nugal region respectively. The road goes through multiple villages and towns between its ends, and this includes Jariiban town.